When we return to the office, it can make communicating strange due to COVID-19. The guidelines and interacting within the workspace can make finding solutions a whole lot harder and keeping 6 ft. apart. Workspace solutions will come easier with Safe Cubbies. We serve Fort Lauderdale and address the employee apprehension when things begin to open back up. With new policies and communication channels, we can help create a positive impact on the employee experience. 

Workplace Solutions

To have a positive experience, it’s best to address the needs of the employees and create a smooth transition. A well structured and communicated re-entry must have the best plans.

  1. Communicate the office phases and what they will look like. Employees need to know that safety comes first. The best available information from both federal and local will help as a basis for planning.
  2. Be prepared to hear concerns and respond with compassion. The timeline is ultimately up to state mandates, but stakeholders as well. The space for staff to have conversations to address their concerns is not only important for your company, but also for morale.
  3. Support difference and be willing to understand. Some employees will be ready, and others will not be. Some excited, some scared. The best thing you can do is care for the individuals who aren’t ready, and address concerns where you can.
  4. It’s important to be as specific as you can about the new or amended plans. New policies may have emerged due to the virus. Cleaning and safety procedures must be shared for employee support and offer communication channels to address the mental health and telehealth. 

The New Layout

While difficult to achieve from home, the value of addressing the space and seating issues and reduce the first week nervousness. Providing a map of the new layout will create more distance and space. Other ways to have opportunities to create distance may look like this:

  1. Dead spaces in areas can accommodate desks to reduce the density.
  2. Cluttered areas can be rearranged to create more distance between cubbies.
  3. Opportunities to put social spaces into thinned out spaces will also reduce density.

Addressing social customs is vital. It is unusual and feels disrespectful to avoid shaking hands. While it seems difficult to adhere to the “no shaking hands” policy, crafting other means and outlets so support positive behavior will create a positive impact. 

Creating A Safe Space

Safe Cubbies can help with the social interactions and provide safe spaces for vulnerable employees. We acknowledge the reality that new policies can be uncomfortable. We want to make sure your employees have the safest and positive impact on their work experience during this time. We provide workplace solutions for Fort Lauderdale and their businesses. 

While the pandemic has changed our perceptions and challenged our social interactions, we can progress to the next level of work in a safe environment. Call us to talk through the new strategy, office layout, and social distancing outlines for your workplace and we’ll offer you expert advice.

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