The COVID pandemic presented industry and workplace leaders a substantial opportunity to put their employees first and to communicate with them clearly and with authenticity. Employee trust and appreciation are more important than ever, with so much uncertainty out there in the workforce. As companies are starting to plan for the return to the office, it is key to maintain improved connections with their employees. One aspect of returning to the workplace in the midst of a pandemic is the span of opinions that employees may have about the virus and how they will treat others whose views differ. Employers may lose company engagement by not reinforcing respect in the office when it comes to the diverse behaviors, opinions, and actions regarding the virus of their employees along with safety guidelines. Read on to learn more about workplace solutions to optimize employee trust and communication. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale and servicing all of the U.S, Safe Cubbies is here for your customizable office needs. Call Safe Cubbies for your office solutions today!


Workplace Solutions During A Pandemic


Employers are finding that building trust and connection among employees, their managers, and their leaders pays off in the long run when it comes to productivity and workplace efficiency. Here are some ways your workplace can mitigate conflict and optimize employee engagement:

  • Learn from the mistakes of the media- If you haven’t totally tuned out the news, you’re probably aware of the conflict that is going on between people who diligently follow the guidance given to protect vulnerable populations and those who resist wearing the protective equipment. One cause of the conflict is that the directives given by health experts and our local, state, and federal governments are unfortunately inconsistent. Media headlines often complicate things by conveying incomplete descriptions. It’s important to acknowledge this and stay consistent in your company policies.
  • Preventing conflict among employees- For business leaders, you need to account for how this can all play out in your workplace when employees go back to the office. People have different fears and opinions, and employee conflict around issues of safety and preference can explode when least expected. You want to avoid situations where employees are mocking a colleague for being extra careful or blaming somebody for not caring about others.


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  • Reducing employee disagreements- There are actions you can take to limit teasing or accusations from eroding employee trust and appreciation, such as:
    • Being clear on your mandatory expectations and where there is flexibility
    • Being upfront with employees on unacceptable behaviors and consequences
    • Holding managers accountable for enforcing expectations
    • Providing a resource for consistent, accurate information employees can go to
    • Letting employees know that the health and safety guidelines can be adjusted over time and no changes will be effective until the company notifies them
    • Reinforcing the importance of respect in the workplace
    • Communication is key!


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It’s important to account for workplace solutions in the midst of the pandemic. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Safe Cubbies is here for your customizable office needs anywhere in the U.S. Call Safe Cubbies to find out more today!

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