After spending the better part of a year under a global pandemic, we are all familiar with the well-worn advice of medical professionals: wash your hands, wear a mask, and keep a social distance from others. Although these measures guarantee the best protection from a viral infection, they are not always feasible. An installation of sneeze guard glass at your desk or workstation can reduce the spread of germs much like a face covering does. Here at Safe Cubbies, we proudly supply custom sneeze guards to businesses and offices all over Fort Lauderdale. 


The Necessity For Masks, Distance, And Sneeze Guard Glass


You know that wearing a mask and distancing yourself from others reduces your chance of infection, but have you considered why this is so? SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic, is most contagious when encapsulated in droplets, such as the ones you expel when coughing or sneezing. Even if you don’t have Covid-19 symptoms, you can expel droplets unawares through loud speaking or singing. Your best defense against these droplets – wearing a face covering – is easy and becoming more stylish all the time, but in many office scenarios, it isn’t practical. You cannot wear a mask as you eat your lunch, for example, and as much as you love your unique face covering, you may prefer to remove it when on a call at work. To make up for these hygienic lapses, install a sneeze guard at your desk. You can shield yourself from others’ droplets while responsibly containing your own.


Where To Use Sneeze Guards


Although they’ve been in use in the food industry since the 1950s, sneeze guards have recently become much more pervasive in office settings. Originally developed to shield buffet food from the salivations of hungry diners, sneeze guards provide an additional barrier of protection for tellers, retail workers, and cashiers who must interact with customers face-to-face. Even if you work in a cubicle away from the public, you may not be able to maintain a six-foot radius from your nearest co-worker. The best way to protect yourself at work is to install a sneeze shield at your register or barricade your desk in a wrap-around sneeze guard.


What To Look For In A Sneeze Shield


Sneeze shields come in many different materials, but some are more effective than others. After working in close proximity to this shield every day, you will need to clean it inside and out. Bacteria hide in surface scratches, so choose a material like polycarbonate or acrylic that is lightweight, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. For lasting durability, encase your custom sneeze guards with a protective stainless steel frame. A shield that stands up to germs, wear and tear, and daily sanitation is your best defense against maskless co-workers.  


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