The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the world and highlighted the importance of proper sanitary measures in order to stay well. Now, more than ever, it’s important to address cleanliness and health in the workplace in order to keep yourself and your employees well and healthy. Public toilets are one of the most important places to keep clean, as they see so much traffic. One key aspect of using a bathroom facility is making sure that it is clean. A hand sanitizer dispenser unit is one of the simplest and easiest ways to maintain a sanitary environment. Hand sanitizers are engineered specifically to kill germs that are on your hands through the use of alcohol. The use of hand sanitizer offers extra comfort and peace of mind to everybody who uses the facility. Read on to learn more about the key benefits of using a hand sanitizer dispenser in your portable unit. Safe Cubbies is a provider of customizable office solutions in Fort Lauderdale. Call Safe Cubbies for your custom sneeze guards today!


Why You Should Install A Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


Here are some ways that hand sanitizer dispensers can help with cleanliness and public health:

  • Events- People at events want to spend less time thinking about hygiene, and more time enjoying themselves. Using a hand sanitizer at your next event can assist with saving that little extra bit of time. It also helps prevent germs from spreading. When washing your hands, you have to touch the faucet, soap dispenser, and hand dryer. This will spread any germs that you have on your hands all over these surfaces. Hand sanitizer dispensers are a straightforward way for guests to get the cleanliness they deserve in one convenient location.
  • Children’s parties- We all know that children are walking germ factories, which is compounded when they are in groups. Kids pass colds and flu around to each other, which can get themselves and their parents sick. Having a dispenser for hand sanitizer at your child’s next party is a great way to minimize the likelihood of this situation. Studies report that hand sanitizers can reduce sickness among children by up to 20 percent, and kids also don’t mind using them. Having this fast and easy method on hand can significantly lessen the spread of germs and thus make the party a little more fun for everybody.


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No matter what industry you are in, cleanliness needs to be a top priority. This is especially true during the coronavirus pandemic. Employees want to know that when they come to work, their employers are doing all that they can to keep them safe and healthy. Harmful bacteria can reside in the most unlikely places and can be transferred easily from person to person. Hand sanitizers can lower the risk of spreading gastrointestinal and respiratory infections among co-workers. These dispenses initiate a minimal amount of contact with other surfaces and also have a stronger bacteria-killing agent than the average hand soap. This is key for workplace safety, as nobody wants to take time off due to sickness. When you use hand sanitizer, not only will germs be lessened, but also the number of sick days your employers take.


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There are many benefits to installing a sanitizer dispenser in public bathrooms. Safe Cubbies is a provider of workplace organizational solutions. To order custom sneeze guards, call Safe Cubbies in Fort Lauderdale today!


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