As the pandemic has emphasized painfully well, dangerous germs live almost everywhere. These terrible freeloaders hang around in almost every public location you can think of and have the sole, terrible mission of spreading their infectious bacteria to any source of life they’re able to come into contact with. As we live in the 21st century, thankfully, there are certain defenses that we’ve developed against germs and pathogens in order to protect us in one of the most enduring struggles of humanity. All around the country, schools, offices, churches, restaurants, construction sites, and public social events can benefit from all of the advantages of having portable hand sanitizers in the war against infectious bacteria. Read on to learn more about how to have a sanitized office space. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Safe Cubbies provides cubicle solutions all around the US. Call Safe Cubbies for your office solutions today!


How Portable Hand Sanitizers Create A Sanitized Office

  • It’s fast, easy, and convenient. These days, everybody is on the go all the time. This means that not everybody will always have the patience or time to run all the way to the bathroom to disinfect their hands after sneezing or coughing or touching dirty surfaces. With portable hand sanitizer dispensers such as the ones Safe Cubbies provides, we can get rid of 99.9% of all germs that may be lingering on our hands. 

  • Having hand sanitizer in convenient locations in the office will greatly lower the risk of cross-infection of employees and customers. As there is less cross-infection, portable hand sanitizers then decrease company sickness and downtime. When there’s one employee battling a cold, the last thing you want is for an entire department to come down with it because of cross-contamination. Portable hand sanitizers promote site-wide and company-wide health by disinfecting hands before they’re able to spread germs onto other people after they cough, sneeze, or touch their faces.


One Of The Best Sanitary Office Cubicle Solutions

  • Fewer kids get sick! Having healthy kids in school learning rather than coughing and sneezing up a bunch of germs at home will result in significantly fewer school sick days, improved school performance, and an overall better future for the most valuable resource of our country!

  • It’s a fantastic way to teach good wellness practices. If people walk past a hand sanitizer during cold and flu season, they’ll probably be reminded to stop and disinfect their hands. 

  • It’s got the stamp of approval from the CDC. As the CDC reminds us, keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we’re able to take in order to keep from getting sick and spreading germs to other people. 

  • Peace of mind! People will feel reassured when their employers have convenient ways for them to disinfect at hand.


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Portable hand sanitizer stations are a great way to maintain a sanitized office environment. Call Safe Cubbies at our Fort Lauderdale headquarters to order cubicle solutions from anywhere in the US!


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