The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major shifts in how we live, eat, and work. A new hybrid workforce has sprung up that facility managers are beginning to learn how to navigate. A unique challenge is now being presented to facility managers- they need to plan for this new modern work environment while keeping their employees safe and healthy. Read on to learn more about how to keep employees happy, productive, and well, with a combination of technology and communication. Safe Cubbies is a top provider of safe workspace solutions in the United States. Call Safe Cubbies to order your custom sneeze guards at our Fort Lauderdale offices today!


Creating A Safe Workspace


It’s key to have a thorough comprehension of exactly who is in the office at any given time frame in order to organize for a hybrid workforce model. Some ways that facility managers are able to streamline this essential component of a hybrid workforce include:

  • Desk booking software- Desk booking software is a versatile tool that is able to be utilized in a range of ways to plan the office. If your company is adopting a shift work schedule or is trying to be completely in-office, then desk booking software allows employees to book their desk in advance. Employees will thus be assured that they have a designated desk, whether permanently or during their office shift.
  • Sensors- Data gathered by sensors is a valuable tool for any facility manager, and in these ever-changing times, this data is a key asset to any kind of strategizing. Sensors can assist with an array of day-to-day responsibilities and tasks, including:
    • Collecting occupational data to help the company adhere to health codes
    • Serving as a system to monitor physical distance
    • Generating cleaning reports
    • Offering HVAC and BAS Control
    • Offering no-touch solutions for objects such as doors, lights, paper towel dispensers, and other high-touch items and spaces
  • Visual directory- Both facility managers and employees can use a visual directory to navigate the building easily, whether physically in the office or working from home. If you’ve reconfigured your office during quarantine, a visual directory tool can be incredibly helpful.


We Offer Custom Sneeze Guards 


A top priority for businesses during and post-COVID is to boost their cleaning protocol in order to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. This is especially important if you’re adopting a shift work or all in-office workforce model. Ramping up sanitizing procedures and keeping track of what areas are cleaned and how often is essential to a safe transition back to the physical workplace. Some ways to elevate your cleaning practices include:

  • Making the log and the protocol available for employees to see
  • Creating and sticking to a rigorous cleaning schedule
  • Logging which areas were cleaned and when it happened
  • Keeping cleaning staff informed on which areas to clean if you’re adopting shift work


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There are certain measures that your office can take in order to ensure that your business has a safe workspace. Safe Cubbies is a top provider of workplace organizational solutions in the United States. Call Safe Cubbies at our Fort Lauderdale office to order custom sneeze guards and more today!

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