Recently, the U.S. government has put out a downloadable document detailing their suggested guidelines for “Opening Up America Again.” Considerations for both individuals and employers are included as we move through what the government terms a “three-phased approach” to reintegrating workers back to the workplace. While state and local governments will have their own separate recommendations and guidelines to consider, it’s important to start planning for bringing your workers back. As a business owner, your biggest challenge will be to figure out how the physical environment of your business can best (and safely) protect your employees and your clients/customers. Read on to learn more about some office cubicle design tips to optimize the welfare of your employees, clients, and customers. Safe Cubbies is a top provider of office solutions in the United States. Call Safe Cubbies for your cubicle solutions at our Fort Lauderdale headquarters today!


Office Cubicle Design Tips For COVID-19 Reopening


Here are some ways to organize your office to optimize the safety of your employees and clients:

  • Rethink your open space- Unfortunately, the “open office” workspace (shared spaces, agile workspace, et al.) will not be reinstated for the foreseeable future thanks to the pandemic, but this doesn’t necessarily mean traditional office environments shouldn’t change. Consider reorganizing areas in the workplace where people cohabit. Reception areas, conference rooms, break rooms, shared desking areas, lounge areas, etc. need to be reassessed until early detection advances and vaccines for the COVID-19 virus come out. For example, do you have employees who have to share desk space? Think about installing tall, acrylic desk screens/sneeze shields and panel extenders to prevent airborne particulates from being passed back and forth. If there are adjoining desks, wall dividers and desk partitions can help prevent the unnecessary transmission of germs. 
  • Shared responsibility for a clean work environment- Make it clear that everyone is in this together! It’s great to finally be out of the house and back amongst your work friends and peers, but it’s important to remember that the safety of you and your coworkers are a constant shared responsibility. It’s everybody’s responsibility to wipe down desks, light switches, fridge doors, and to practice proper personal sanitation measures. More use of emails and virtual conferencing rather than physical meetings and conference rooms is a good idea. If physically meeting is necessary, then ensure it is in an area where a six-foot distance can be maintained and the appropriate face masks and gloves are being worn. The only way to ensure that a resurgence doesn’t happen is for everybody to do their part!


Cubicle Solutions For Re-entering The Workplace

  • Consult with a professional office space planner- In the future, we are  most likely going to see a return to more compartmentalized offices and away from the “open office” concepts many corporations and businesses have been adopting in recent years. Flexibility will be a priority, and companies will be shifting to scalable and demountable wall systems with modular cubicle workstations.


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You may want to reassess your office cubicle design to accommodate for COVID-19 measures. Safe Cubbies is a top provider of cubicle solutions in the United States. Call Safe Cubbies at our Fort Lauderdale headquarters for a consultation today!

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