One of the most difficult parts about COVID-19 is that people have to go to work but still need to remain safe. Many businesses are doing their very best in order to establish safe and effective workspaces, so people can feel comfortable at work. However, there are still many complexities that occur in workspaces that have to do with staying sanitary, and specifically with immunity passports. Here at Safe Cubbies, we tell you all about how these passports work, as well as other solutions that we have come up with as a company to ensure that you can remain safe from COVID-19 in your workspace. We tell you about everything from cubicle solutions, to classroom protocols, to more! Our number one priority is to keep people safe during times like this pandemic, and you can rest assured that with our help and information, you will be able to figure out ways to stay safe as well as gain knowledge of how workspaces handle passports for immunization. We are the best in Fort Lauderdale! 


Details On Immunity Passports And More 

You are probably wondering how passports for immunity work, as well as what our cubicle solutions are for new and existing cubicles in the workspace. You are also probably wondering what we can do to help you during this pandemic in general. Passports for immunity are effective but also require a lot of work because they must be done properly. These passports prove that the person who has them is cured or immune to a disease such as COVID-19. People have to go through a series of health screening systems to ensure that they are healthy. They must undergo a questionnaire daily as well as immune tracing and results from health tests. All of this information is recorded on a Google Drive document, so we remember what to look for. We even offer an application that people can download on their smartphones so they can complete the health screening in their homes! Their screening ensures safe cubicles and other safe workspaces. 



Along with passports for immunity, we offer many cubicle solutions and other sanitary solutions for people working during COVID-19. We know the cubicle and office designs that keep you and your coworkers safe, so you do not have to constantly worry about what you are touching and whether or not your workspace is clean or not. We offer customized designs as well as installations to existing spaces so you can feel as comfortable at work as possible. 


Safety First 

We cannot stress enough that your safety is our mission. It is difficult during this pandemic for people to focus on their work as well as focus on being safe. With our help with passports for immunity and office solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing you are being full sanitary during COVID-19.


Contact Us 

Safe Cubbies are professionals who want you to be informed about immunity passports and the behind-the-scenes regarding sanitary workspaces and solutions. That is why we provide the information that we do. Call or visit us today in Fort Lauderdale for more information because we offer services around the United States! 

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