Every year, health screening systems are becoming more omnipresent in our daily lives. Particularly since the onset of COVID, health screening has gained more traction for business as one of many methods to keep employees safe. At Safe Cubbies we have a new automated interface that allows customers to use a mobile app that includes a health questionnaire as well as temperature verification via bluetooth, and much more! If you’re in the Fort Lauderdale area and need cubicle solutions, read on to learn more about the app that’s changing lives and keeping the home and workplace safer!

Stay Safe and Avoid the Lines!

Our new system allows for unparalleled speed and efficiency when it comes to health screening. With these revolutionary tools, customers and employees can complete their questionnaire from the safety and isolation of their home and avoid the long lines at safety screening locations open to the public. Upon completion of the questionnaire, the customer will receive a summary of the test results that is viewable by nurses or other wellness staff as needed. 

The Miracle of VeraPass

Get proof of your clean bill of health in seconds! When one has completed their screening, they receive a “VeraPass”. This indicates a successful completion of the health screening, and comes equipped with a user-specific QR code. This technology is invaluable as a contact tracing mechanism as well as a convenient fever confirmation method for wellness staff if needed. 

Report Symptoms Easier

The symptom report feature is one of the most important tools for users who may have early-onset symptoms of a viral infection. This can be useful for the individual as well as their whole household, not to mention a valuable tool in your cubicle solutions arsenal. With easy symptom reporting, wellness staff and administrators can be two steps ahead when pre-symptomatic people arrive on the property, and stop the spread before it jumps to the next uninfected person. 

Fully Compatible With VeraHealth Kiosk

The VeraHealth kiosk serves as a one-stop point-of-entry checkpoint that will make for a healthier environment for the whole workplace and community at large. With touchless check-in, bluetooth thermal scanning, and temperature checks, our kiosks are perfect for updating user data in real time including through the QR code. Within 24 hours your data will be verified and recorded on both the device and the administrators dashboard. 

Contact Us

During these troubled times, we all need to be willing to do our part in keeping each other safe at home and at the workplace. At Safe Cubbies, we not only specialize in modifying your workspace to a safe and attractive environment, we are making strides in implementing a health screening system that will make a massive impact slowing the spread of viral infections through quick and efficient health questionnaires and contact tracing. Call or visit our Fort Lauderdale location today and learn more about VeraHealth, the technology platform that is revolutionizing cubicle solutions everywhere. Replace pen and paper health screenings today with this secure cloud-based app.  

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