COVID-19 has established a permanent shift in the way we interact with the world around us in modern society. It’s likely that the world will never fully return to the way things were, even once a proper treatment for COVID-19 is created as we continue to be mindful of one another’s health and safety. As a result, the workflow of businesses has shifted greatly, and as many employees return to work, adapting to this new environment with a reorganization of the office and new office regulations is in order. We at Safe Cubbies in Fort Lauderdale, FL offer custom cubicle arrangement and office organization services to help your business adjust properly to this new era. We’d like to share with you an overview of Osha’s “health and safety procedures in the workplace” guidelines to help you gain an understanding of how your office should change to meet the safety standard.


OSHA Health and Safety Procedures in the Workplace

First, let’s go over the rules regarding staying safe in the office as well as keeping your staff and potentially clients safe.

  • Tell Sick Employees to Stay Home
    • It has always been a rule that people should not work when sick, but we know that prior to COVID-19, people would do it anyway. Now more than ever, we cannot be lax about this rule, and if an employee is sick, request they be tested for COVID-19 before returning to work.
  • Maintain Social Distancing Etiquette
    • By maintaining social distancing, we can help reduce the risk of cross-contamination from one person to the next. This also applies to office spaces, meaning someone’s desk needs to be farther away, and we should avoid using phones and work tools of others.
  • Encourage Regular Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizer Use
    • You should encourage your staff to wash their hands with soap and water at regular intervals. For moments between those times when interactions are required, use hand sanitizer that’s at least 70% alcohol-based before and after the interaction.
  • Keep Your Spaces Clean with 70% Alcohol Products
    • The COVID-19 virus can survive for potentially days on hard surfaces. Encourage your staff to wipe down their workstations after they’re done using them with proper cleaning chemicals, as well as any other area they use.


What The Custom Cubicle Looks Like With These Rules

Now that you understand more about how you and your team should operate while in the office, how will that translate to the organization of your office space? To start, the importance of social distancing means desks will now need to be farther apart. A common solution to do this is having wide desks with employees facing one another and protective screens in-between them. There’s more than one solution, however, and we at Safe Cubbies can help work with your furniture and space to design a functional environment that encourages safe habits.


Contact Safe Cubbies Today for A Custom Cubicle Arrangement

Now that you know more about OSHA’s rules for health and safety procedures in the workplace, it’s time to rearrange your office to accommodate those expectations. Contact us in Fort Lauderdale today for help on creating a workspace that not only keeps your team healthy, but also promotes effective workflow.


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