It’s no longer news that we are surrounded by harmful germs and viruses that can cause lasting damage to our health. Covid-19 was a real eye-opener. This has made using hand sanitizer essential for humans, especially as schools are starting to reopen in Fort Lauderdale. 

When multiple people have to touch the sanitizer, many have questioned how much protection it will offer. Safe Cubbies has designed hand sanitizer stands. Do you need it? Why should you use the dispenser? Let’s find out. 


What is a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

A hand sanitizer dispenser is a straightforward machine used to control the amount of sanitizer gel released by the sanitizer bottle or jar.


Where can a hand Sanitizer dispenser be used? 

  • Hand Sanitizer dispensers can be used in numerous locations. As long as humans have to touch things or other humans, you can get hand sanitizer in such locations. Hand sanitizer dispensers can be used in schools, offices, churches, construction sites, cinemas, restaurants, or other public places. 


Why Use Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

There are several reasons why using a hand sanitizer dispenser is essential. Let’s consider them;

  • It stops the spread of germs
  • Carrying hand sanitizer around can be challenging for many. While it is portable, you won’t always be comfortable carrying the bottle around. But when you have sanitizer dispensers in your office, maybe at the entrance, at the restroom entrance, etc., it will be easier to stop the spread of germs. You will also have a higher chance of preventing germs from spreading into classes or offices.
  • Keeps your staffs safe
  • If all in your office makes use of sanitizer, your space becomes safer. The truth is, most of them will not have their sanitizers, and when they start to borrow, they are exposed to what they are trying to avoid. 
  • Prevents cross-infections
  • Some careful persons might be made to suffer when others in the workspace don’t have sanitizers, but there will be no excuse when there is a dispenser. Since no one will have to touch the sanitizer before using them, this will prevent cross-infection in the office or among students. 
  • Kids will be safer
  • Kids are the champions when it comes to spreading bacteria and viruses. If there is an available hand sanitizer stand, they don’t have to touch it; this will help keep the kids safe. It will also prevent them from falling sick and infecting those in their home. 
  • Best for teaching wellness practices
  • Many individuals do not take their health seriously. Their carefree attitude often results in problems for them and others. Such ones are the perfect hosts for viruses and bacteria. With a hand sanitizer dispenser, they will improve their hygiene by always having something to remind them to sanitize before entering their office or classroom. 
  • Advised by CDC
  • The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approves hand sanitizer dispensers as it is safe for all. 


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Safe Cubbies, as a company based in Fort Lauderdale, are concerned about your health and wellbeing. We have hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer stands that will help you keep your school safer. You need one in your home. Contact us for the best product.


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