As states and cities slowly start to lift lockdown restrictions on stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures, it’s key for companies to implement new strategies and safety precautions prior to returning to work. The CDC states that “current evidence suggests that novel coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces,” meaning that sanitation and hands-free technology will play a key role in COVID-19 reopening strategies in the workplace. Just like past influenza pandemic guidelines, OSHA is telling companies to create coronavirus workplace safety guidelines to prevent the continued spread of COVID-19 and lower the impact it has on employees. Read on to learn more about some health and safety guidelines for reopening offices and maximizing employee safety. Call Safe Cubbies in Fort Lauderdale for your retrofit solutions today!


Workplace Strategies For Employee Safety


Is your workplace prepared for the new normal? Along with existing office security guidelines, there are many safety measures that businesses are able to take to lower the spread of coronavirus in the workplace. It is recommended by the CDC to implement a COVID-19 office safety guide to help determine what important updates you may need to make in your building to protect the health of your staff. Office buildings make prime targets for diseases like this to spread, as there are so many different people constantly coming and going throughout the day. 


Guide For Reducing COVID-19 Transmission In The Workplace


  • Educate your staff on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, and allocate extra HR resources to answering their questions about what to do if they become ill, or are exposed to somebody who’s sick. 
  • Any employee who doesn’t feel well should stay home to prevent spreading germs in the office. Maybe implement flexible sick time policies or additional sick leave to accommodate employees who test positive for coronavirus.
  • Minimize physical contact for employees who are high-risk for contracting the virus. Allow remote work if possible, or set up a more isolated working environment within the office- you can come to Safe Cubbies for retrofit solutions in office organization! You can also mandate your employees wear face masks that cover the nose and mouth or personal protective equipment while in the office. 
  • Discourage handshaking.
  • Suspend or reduce business travel, following all CDC travel guidelines.
  • Encourage employee hygiene by keeping tissues, hand sanitizer, soap, disinfectant wipes, etc. available.
  • If you do decide on thermal cameras or additional screening, keep in mind employee privacy. Make sure you are taking extra measures to protect personal data and identity information that may be collected via your thermal video surveillance systems. Extra sanitation will also be necessary to prevent possible contamination and greatly slow the flow of traffic in and out of your facility. 
  • Bluetooth contact tracing technology can be a valuable asset to help prevent transmission. Ensure you’re using a system that employs end-to-end encryption and anonymous identifiers in order to protect data and privacy. 


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