The spread of COVID-19 has left an irreversible mark on modern life around the world. As we continue to navigate this new era, there are many new changes to the status quo that have appeared already across different industries, and more changes that will appear as time goes on. When it comes to offices, one of these changes is inevitably the layout of office spaces and cubicles. We at Safe Cubbies in Fort Lauderdale are already working as an office organization company to help companies adapt to this new time-period to help our clients achieve a clean office environment. This is essential for maximizing a staff’s safety as well as giving them the peace of mind to be able to work effectively. That said, what exactly can other businesses expect from the development of the COVID cubicle and how office layouts will change to challenge this virus?


The COVID Cubicle: What Offices Will Look Like 2020 Onward

When it comes to reopening offices during a pandemic, there are many precautions a company needs to take to establish a clean office environment. Doing this is imperative for the safety of their staff, but what does this all mean? Let’s start off by discussing the goals with what will make a cubicle safe in relation to the office it’s in:

  • Obeying Social Distancing
    • The important thing with rearranging office spaces is that you want every employee to be capable of obeying social distancing from all other employees while they’re seated and working. Previously, you might expect to be seated next to your coworkers at your desk, but this concept will shortly become a thing of the past. In fact, you might find yourself sitting across from people instead.
  • Creating a Barrier
    • The biggest danger when it comes to viral spread is the projection of the virus through moisture particles that travel through the air when we sneeze or cough. It’s actually less of a concern that these particles will make contact with you directly and more of an issue of these particles landing on hard surfaces. There, the virus can not only survive for days, but eventually get picked up by someone and transferred to them that way. Plexiglas barriers will be going up between co-workers to block any and all of these particles from traveling to the other person’s desk.
  • Providing Room to Maneuver
    • Office work isn’t just sitting all day, but also getting up, walking from one room to another, talking with colleagues, and utilizing most of the space an office provides. To ensure people have the space they need to maneuver around the office effectively, you can expect desks to be spread apart with lots of room for movement without needing to squeeze by anyone’s desk.


How to Stay Safe

Ultimately, you and your staff staying safe is more than just having a clean office environment. It will take a cooperative effort from the entire team to obey other important rules for COVID-19 safety. If you haven’t already, consider holding meetings so that your staff is properly informed on expected safety tactics to limit the spread of potential viruses. This includes regular washing of hands, the wearing of masks at all times while at work, frequent disinfecting of hard surfaces after they’ve been used, and the avoidance of touching one’s face at any and all costs. You can also consider investing in thermal body scanners to ensure no one is coming to work with a fever to further reduce the risk of exposure in the office.


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If you’re planning to reopen your business, then it may be time to speak with a design team about creating the perfect COVID cubicle model for your office. For businesses in Fort Lauderdale, contact us at Safe Cubbies for help.

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