Everyone knows one thing: after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, the way the world used to work will change. In light of the same, the attorneys have started to advise their clients in the corporate world to change their ways of running a business in a closed office space. This step is necessary and much-needed by employers of Fort Lauderdale to prevent the spread of the virus and provide a safe working environment. Experts of Safe Cubbies talk about this change.

Days of Closed Office Space Are a Past Thing

This is important as failure to do so will make the employers liable for any mishap (getting sick) that might occur with the employees. To ensure this does not happen and a 100% safe environment is present, many employers have started approaching their attorneys, such as asking workers to agree on signing liability waivers before returning to the office and filling out questionnaires covering their current health status. Adopting a coronavirus cubicle will become important. Now, nobody will be allowed to walk in sick inside the office premises. In the past, companies have started to work in open workspaces to foster collaboration. But considering the social distancing factor, such office space is not out of the question. Why? Because this type of layout doesn’t promote physical distancing. 

What Will Change?

As per the corporate attorneys, employers should eliminate break rooms. These are some places in an office where things like coffee makers, sinks, refrigerators, etc., are shared by employees. Certain modifications must be made in the HVAC system to ensure negative pressurization, and an air filtration system must be added. The cubicles will transform into coronavirus cubicles. Now, it is essential to replace every touchpoint with touch-free devices. This means that automatic doors with sensors will now become more prevalent. Until a permanent solution is found for this illness, temporary dividers made of plexiglass must be installed between workspaces. The same should also be installed in the meeting rooms to keep the contact minimal. In terms of furniture, certain types of new ones will be needed.

How Will We Accept the Change?

With so many changes, many things will continue to be affected even after the pandemic. People will miss human contact, and more people will choose to work from home. Moreover, landlords won’t be able to rent out their places. How all of these changes affect communication and culture is something interesting to see.

To foster communication and other aspects of conducting business, companies will have to look for other options. The use of web-based collaboration software and coronavirus cubicles will increase. The systems and jobs will change to meet new demands.

Companies will decrease the number of working days for their employees. Only a certain percentage of the workforce will be asked to visit the office so that a minimum distance of six feet can be maintained easily. The process of keeping the washrooms in the office will change. To disinfect, ultraviolet light will be used.

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