As communities, public places, and schools begin to open during this time, the number one question is, “how are you reopening public places safely?” It’s a fair question, and CDC offers updates and other considerations that schools can use to protect their students and staff. The goal is to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Safe Cubbies keeps up to date on CDC recommendations and creates their strategies to aid in class solutions for Fort Lauderdale. They provide methods for safety, well being, and health for staff, students, their families, and communities.

Class Solutions and Goals

To reopen the schools as safety and quickly for students, we assist with operations and day-to-day schedules. It’s important to adopt the goal of slowing the virus down in such a public place. To slow down the spread, it’s common knowledge that respiratory droplets are released when people talk, sneeze, or cough. We also know it’s common knowledge to get the virus by touching a surface or object and then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.

To lower the spread, a restriction is placed on school sessions and activities, and providing cleaning and disinfection principles. Such as handwashing for 20 seconds, use a tissue and throw it in trash, with hands washed immediately after. Have hand sanitizer readily available in each classroom.

Masks will be reinforced to prevent the spread. They protect others in case someone is unknowingly affected and shows no symptoms. 

Risk Factors

Strategies to involve in-person and virtual learning will help range the risk. The lowest risk is students and teachers engage with virtual classes, events, or activities. 

Some risk will involve the model of virtual learning and other students participate in in-person learning. Small activities, alternating schedules, and no mixing of groups of students through the school days.

A medium risk will have more students with in-person learning, larger activities, mixing schedules and groups throughout the day, and touched surface areas are implemented with fidelity.

A high risk is where students and teachers engage in-person activities and events. Students will meix between classes and activities, they share objects in class, and there is irregular cleaning and disinfection of touched surface areas.

The highest risk is where class is engaged fully with in-person learning only, and other events. Students will mix freely between classes, they freely share objects in class, and staff to not follow steps to protect themselves and others with a face mask or hand hygiene.

Be Prepared and Have the Best Plans

To be prepared with the best plans as schools and staff will have a strategy set in stone for when anyone contracts the virus. Regardless of the number of cases, every school should have a plan to protect children and families from spreading COVID-19. 

With low risk factors and other virtual learning in place, Safe Cubbies and help lower the outbreaks and their consequences. With class solutions in Fort Lauderdale, we can protect everyone with the best practices. With modified layouts, schedules, limited activities and events, schools can still move forward. 

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