About Us

The #1 Custom Cubicle 

For over 15 years, the SAFE CUBBIES staff has worked with the nation’s leading modular display manufacturers to bring you the perfect custom cubicle. Together, we have developed a modernized modular workspace system.

At SAFE CUBBIES, your branding takes center stage but never at the expense of functionality. We believe that successful solutions are established with practicality so that every touch, every experience, reinforces and reaffirms our goal to exceed your expectations. We’ve collaborated with architects, designers, builders, and marketers to bring their visions to life, often in time-sensitive time frames. Let’s chat about your workspace needs, whether it’s a permanent solution, a seasonal, or an ongoing retail build.



What WE DO

SAFE CUBBIES has evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers by expanding our design and production capabilities to include portable, modular, and custom cubicle and display structures. The current SAFE CUBBIES product line consists of a wide range of solutions for the modernization of the today’s “meeting space”. We create a modern, safe, and hygienic office environment that fosters creativity, community, communication, and comfort. Together, we’ll design your space to maximize productivity while enhancing your brand. All with easy-to-sanitize surfaces and modular flexibility. Our Office Environment Designer team will evaluate your workspace and provide the custom solution that will fit your specific office needs.


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